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The book is finally here, (available on amazon right now!) so I figured it might be a good idea to give you an overview of what the book is about and who it is for!

What is ‘Secrets of the Ironmen?’

Secrets of the Ironmen is the amazing story of Iron Rookie.

At the start of his journey, he was:

  • ‘One of the lads’ and always in the pub
  • Very overweight and very, very unfit
  • Unable to swim more than a single length front crawl
  • Hadn’t ridden a bike for over 15 years
  • Couldn’t run any more than 10 yards without wanting to stop

At the end of his journey, he became an Ironman.


By learning the secrets of the Ironmen themselves!

But this book isn’t just ‘another inspirational story’, it’s a complete training manual detailing exactly how he was able to do it, step by step, race by race, sharing the many secrets he learnt along the way.

It all started when his wife challenged him to run round a lake trial near his house that was just 2.5km in length.

At the time, being able to run that circuit without stopping was so far out of his reality he didn’t think it would be possible, but by following the training plan that you will find in his book, Iron Rookie managed to conquer it.

From there he ‘fell’ into his first triathlon, having seen an advert for it at his local sports centre.

He taught himself how to swim, bought a cheap road bike and began to train.

The pivotal moment came though when he moved back to Bolton and realised that he lived near the Ironman cycle loop, a well known circuit amongst long distance triathletes.

Iron Rookie began to cycle small parts of it regularly and whenever another cyclist had the ‘audacity’ to overtake him, he tried to ‘interview’ them.

Surprisingly, most were happy to talk.

Some of these people turned out to be Ironmen.

Some were very high ranking ones.

The secrets that they shared with him changed his life.

Iron Rookie then applied what he had learnt and went on to complete Super sprint, Sprint, Olympic, Ironman 70.3® and Full Ironman® triathlons, as well as 2.5km, 5km, 10km, Half mara and marathon run races inbetween.

What is included in this book?

  • Iron Rookies Inspirational ‘story’
  • The secrets that he learnt from the Ironmen  (40 in total)
  • The exact training plans that he created and followed to successfully collect a medal in every race listed above, starting with a 2.5km ‘fun run’ and ending with an Ironman triathlon, including all of the races inbetween
  • The base swim training plan that he followed to ‘nail’ his first pool triathlon
  • How Iron Rookie mastered the transition from pool to open water
  • Detailed race reports from his first ‘Half Ironman,’ the 70.3 in Dublin, first marathon at Chester and his first full ‘Iron distance’ triathlon, Ironman UK, Bolton, England
  • The exact training plan that Iron Rookie created and followed in order to successfully complete Ironman UK. (average 10 hours /week)
  • The ‘Ironman diaries,’ a 28 part training commentary, providing a unique, ‘real time’ insight into his training for IMUK as he did it, week by week.
  • Full Interviews with a further 7 inspirational Ironmen that he met towards the end of his journey, people that had completed the iron distance 3 times then 7, then 10, then 15 and finally, a truly remarkable individual who had completed the iron distance no fewer than 150 times, including 20 ‘back to back’.

This is not a book about ‘speed’ or achieving a certain ‘time’ in order to be ‘happy’. (however an unintentional side effect of his training was that Iron Rookie was able to win one of the races at the ‘lower’ levels!)

This is a book about how you take something that you believe to be impossible, and turn it into the possible.

It’s about the wonderful journey you will go on to reach the Ironman start line.

But It’s also about what happens when you get there.

Lining up alongside some of the finest athletes in the world whilst being roared on by thousands and thousands of brilliant supporters that line almost every inch of the Ironman race circuit will be one of the most magical experiences of your life.

That is what this book is about.

Who is this book for?

Because ‘secrets of the Ironmen’ follows the authors journey from the very beginning, it is aimed squarely at 4 distinct groups of people:

1) The total beginner

You have to remember that when he first started out, Iron Rookie was unable to run any more than 10 yards without wanting to stop.

His first challenge was to run a lake trail that was just 2.5km In length without stopping.

At the time, being able to do this was so far out of his reality he didn’t think it would  be possible.

The book begins where it all stared, by showing exactly how he was able to ‘conquer’ the lake..

2) Triathlon ‘Newbies’ & Runners looking to move into triathlon

The book continues with Iron Rookie as a complete triathlon novice.

The author can clearly remember the thoughts, fears and questions that many first timers have before training for their first triathlon.

Entire chapters are dedicated to subjects such as; which bike to choose, what kit you will need, how to learn to swim properly, how to nail nutrition, and precisely what to expect on your first race day.

This book aims to address all those fears and more still, before providing the exact daily training plan that Iron Rookie followed to successfully train for, and complete, his first ever race

3) Existing triathletes  looking to move ‘up the levels’ from a Sprint to an Olympic / Olympic to a half for example

As Iron advances through the levels of triathlon to Olympic and half iron distances, so do the training plans that he followed, with the secrets that he learnt playing a bigger and bigger part in his journey.

4) Trainee Ironmen

In the final chapter, Iron Rookie uses the secrets to train for his first ever Ironman.

Ironman UK was to become one of the most amazing experiences of the authors life.

Not only can his exact, iron distance training plan be found within these pages, but he kept a 28 part diary, providing unique, real time commentary on his training as he did it, day by day, week by week, sharing the many lessons he learnt along the way.

Anyone aspiring to conquer the iron distance for the first time is certain to find this resource invaluable to their quest.

Further, due to the fact that the author has ridden the Ironman UK bike loop well over 100 times in his training and knows the marathon run route like the back of his hand, first timers to Bolton are likely to find the specific references to IMUK within this work ‘essential reading’.

Other than that, those looking for a brand new fitness challenge to keep them motivated for the ‘long term’, those who just love a ‘good inspirational story’ or those ‘who were there’ and want a timeless momento of that wonderful day in July will not be disappointed!

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