My Journey

I can not emphasise enough how different my life was when my journey began  3 years ago in 2014.

At the time I was at least 4 stone overweight, I drank ale like a fish, smoked like a chimney and ate all the wrong foods because they tasted delicious.

You must understand I did very little in the way of exercise and was extremely unfit:

  1. I was not able to swim a single length front crawl
  2. I had not been on a bicycle since I was12
  3. I could not run more than a few yards without wanting to stop

It all began when my wife challenged me to run round a 2.5km lake trail that we used to walk around every now and then.

I worked out a training plan and began to train for it.

I can still remember the feeling of elation I got from Conquering that 2.5km trail, it has never left me..

From there I stumbled into my first ever triathlon, the Rossendale Sprint Distance,  I learnt to swim , bought myself a cheap road bike and began to train.  The journey I went on was one of the most emotional and rewarding things I have ever done, and one I would most definitely recommend to you.

My life was to change forever though when I moved back to Bolton and realised that I lived on the ‘iron’ cycling route.

I began to cycle parts of it regular and met a large number of Ironmen who I tried to interview.

The secrets that they shared with me changed my life.

From there I worked out a 10 level race plan starting with a 2.5km fun run and ending with an Ironman triathlon, and set about collecting the medals!

I then wrote a book about my journey  with the hope that it would motivate and inspire others,  provide a clear, step by step path for them to follow, and share the many secrets that I had discovered along the way..

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