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Readers of this website should understand that the author started his journey at race level 1 (See race history) and SLOWLY worked his way up.

Before making any changes to your lifestyle, diet or exercise habbits and before implementing any information provided here you must consult your doctor, and consult them again before moving up from one level to the next.

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If you ever feel dizzy, shortness of breath, discomfort or pain terminate the activity immediately and seek medical advice.

Never enter a swimming pool unless there is a qualified lifeguard present.

Never swim in open water unless it is a structured open water swim session organised by professional, qualified swim coaches with adequate safety measures in place..

Ensure your bike is regularly inspected and maintained by a qualified bike technician, make sure you always wear a helmet and that the front and rear lights are in full working order.

Consider carrying a mobile phone with you at al times whilst training in case of emergencies.

Wear high visibility clothing for both your cycle and run training and consider training only in well lit pedestrianised areas for the run  and purpose built cycle paths for the bike wherever possible.

The thoughts and opinions that are expressed on this website are those purely of the author, based on his personal experiences of training for, and entering events.

If you plan to train for an IRONMAN 70.3 or full IRONMAN event the author recommends that you also consider consulting an IRONMAN certified coach, you can find your nearest one here: eu.ironman.com/triathlon/ironman-u/startnow#axzz4WfhplUsk

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