6 in a row @ IMUK Week 23/25

Rookie goes for 6 in a row @ IMUK Week 23/25

The weather in Bolton is a national disgrace.

It’s meant be summer ffs…..

3 weeks before race day and what do we get?

A beautiful, tranquil, calm summers day?


Grey skies and 20 mph gale force winds as standard.

Fukin joke…..

I set the alarm for 5am as google said the wind would be calmer earlier on but when I looked out the window the trees were already at right angles to their roots.

Going out onto the Bolton bike circuit in such conditions is a bit like going to Milwall away for the football.

You know you are going to get absolutely pummelled before you even set off.

I rode 2:25, 2:40 & 2:45 to give 7 hours 50 total.

Not good enough.

I met some very interesting people on the circuit today.

Loads of Ironmen came stomping past, way better than me….

I also got more abuse from the locals than i’ve ever had.

Either the wind has a strange effect on the people round here or it must have been day release from the local looney bin.

As i say though, 7 hours 50 for 3 laps on fresh legs versus an 8 hour cut isn’t good enough…

What is going to happen when you mix in the prior 2.4 mile swim and the 12 mile flash to horwich ‘pre loop’?

More than a little concerned, I must admit….

On the positive side, despite the hellish conditions, I felt stronger for the 3 than I ever felt before and I didn’t hit the wall or ‘limp’ like I have in the past (well not as much anyway)…..

I’d be interested to see what happens if the wind isn’t gale force for once (if such a thing is possible on this woefully open and exposed circuit)

Having said all that, if I’m lucky enough to get my hands on a 6th sacred medal in a row then I reckon this will be the ride you look back on and say ‘That’s where you earnt yer stripes lad’…..

Make no mistake….

This is going to go to the wire for me once again this year…

One last shot at hitting the holy grail of 3 x 2 and a half hour loops next Saturday and then golden training time is over…

What will happen?

Tune in next week to find out…..

Training this week:

Sunday : 27.5km jog

Monday : 100 pool lenghts

Tues : 10k run

Weds : 10k run

Thurs : pool mile faster pace

Friday : Weights

Saturday : 3 laps 100 mile bike as above

Sunday : 30km jog

Weight at start of process : 15 stone 9

Weight now : 13 stone 10

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