6 in a row @ IMUK Week 24/25

Rookie goes for 6 in a row @ Ironman UK Week 24/25

Final crack at 3 laps of the Bolton bike circuit 2 Weeks before race day and i’m dressed in full winter gear, man tights, shell jacket, the works….

Grey skies and a cold howling wind as standard….

What a joke…..

It isn’t just me who has had quite enough of this shitty bike loop….

Ironman after Ironman came stomping past mumbling something along the lines of ‘fukin sick of this’

Why can’t Ironman give us a nice easy course for once instead of a brutally open and exposed grindtrack?

Just once…..

Anyhow, to business.

What I’ve learnt about this circuit is instead of ‘going for it ‘ every week and constantly trying to improve your time, it’s all about accepting the reality of your abilities, being realistic with your expectations and crucially, knowing where you need to be at certain points in order to achieve your goal…

Make no mistake, this is no walk in the park….

Today I rode 2:25 with a 5 min re-fuel (2:30) then 2:23 with a 7 minute re-fuel (2:30) then 2:37 to give 7:37 total versus a maximum allowance of 8 hour.s…..

Finally, it’s all fallen into place at the last minute….

7:37 on the big day will do me just fine….

What I loved most about today though was this….

On the hills of Breightmet 2nd time round, a complete stranger stopped dead in his tracks and started enthusiastically applauding me whilst shouting ‘keep going lad’ at the top of his voice…..

Sorry, but I find stuff like this truly magical…….

If you don’t understand the romance of such things when it’s not even race day, then don’t worry about it cock…

You never will……


Here is how training went down this week….

Sunday 30k jog

Monday 100 pool lengths

Tuesday Weights

Weds 10k jog

Thurs pool mile

Fri Weights

Sat 3 laps of bike circuit as above 100 mile

Sunday 31.5km jog

Weight at start of process 15 stone 9

Weight today 13 stone 10

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