6 in a row @ IMUK Wk 25/25

Rookie goes for 6 in a row @ Ironman UK Week 25/25

Traditionally, the final weekend before raceday presents an irresistible opportunity to go and smash the hell out of a single lap of the Bolton bike circuit and feel all ‘Joe Skipper’ with yourself pre race…..

Not on this crappy course and in this shitty weather…..

7 days to go and i’m dressed in full winter gear, man tights, shell jacket, the works…..

Grey skies and galeforce winds as standard…..

What a fukin joke…..

Dreams of a sub 2 vanished as soon as I looked out the window and saw the trees at right angles to their roots once again…..

2:17 and worryingly, that was me ‘balls out’….

Got to be honest, i’m sick to the back teeth of this circuit….

Constantly grinding uphll into a galeforce headwind through brutally exposed, baron countryside on a truly dogshit road surface is simply not my idea of a good time anymore…..

In addition, Ironman UK must be the only racetrack on earth where you have to aggressively pedal in order to get DOWN a very steep hill, such is the severity of the wind at times……

Make no mistake, if it’s blowing a gale on race day then 50% of us are fooked…..

It’s not all bad…….

I’m excited really and so should you be….

It’s gonna be ace…..

If you are a first timer, here are the top 3 tips I learnt from the Ironmen before my first, I hope you find them as useful as I did……

  1. I know you are nervous but trust in your training, you have trained hard and it will serve you perfectly well, trust in your training
  2. Don’t get giddy early doors on the bike, you will feel strong but ride within yourself, certainly on your first lap, you will want to go stomping off but you must resist, ride well within yourself early on, it’s a very long day
  3. And the most important tip of the lot – say thank you – Thank you to every single volunteer and every single wonderful supporter that lines the race circuit, these people have been on their feet all day for you – say thank you to them, when they tell you that you are fantastic, look them dead in the eyes and tell them that they are the ones who are fantastic….Never forget to say thank you to the supporters

If you plan to come and cheer on the Ironmen next weekend, then thank you in advance for your wonderful support…..

Always remember, without you, Ironman has nothing…….

Give us a ‘Go on Rookie’ as I come trundling past please……

Something tells me i’m gonna need it more than ever this year!

Here is how training went down this week:

Sunday 33km jog

Monday 100 pool lenghts

Tuesday : Weights

Wednesday : 10k jog

Thursday : Pool mile

Friday : Weights

Saturday : Off

Sunday : Single IMUK bike lap as above 2:17 www.strava.com/activities/7373966440

Weight at start of process : 15/9

Weight now : 13/12 (Still nearly 2 stone over ‘peak’)

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